Are you running out of battery on your Vivitar APN? To meet your needs we offer a wide range of batteries for APN Vivitar. These will allow you to easily change your old battery or you will also have just a battery backup for your Vivitar camera. All of our Vivitar camera batteries have identical qualities (technology, capacity, voltage ...) to the original battery of your camera. An economical and fast solution to stop falling out of battery during your photo report.
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Battery CameraVivitar 1050mAh / 3.89Wh 3,7 Volts

  • Technology : Li-ion (Lithium Ion)
  • Minimum capacity : 1050mAh / 3.89Wh
  • Compatibility : Vivitar DVR-390H, DVR-410, DVR-525HD, DVR-530, DVR-545, DVR-550, DVR-550G, DVR-565, DVR-565HD, DVR-688, DVR-710, DVR-7300X, DVR-830XHD, DVR-840XHD, Vivicam 3795, Vivicam 3930, Vivicam 4000
  • Condition :New battery (0 Cycle)