Are you constantly running out of battery with your QUASAR camera? To meet your needs we offer a wide range of QUASAR camera batteries. These will allow you to easily replace your old battery but will also allow you to simply have a battery backup for your QUASAR digital camera. All of our QUASAR digital camera batteries have the exact same qualities (technology, capacity, voltage ...) as the original battery of your digital camera. A quick and easy solution to never run out of battery when you report your photo.
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Battery CameraQuasar 1800mAh / 21.60Wh 12 Volts

  • Technology : Ni-MH (Nickel-metal Hydrure)
  • Minimum capacity : 1800mAh / 21.60Wh
  • Compatibility : Quasar REALISTIC, VM-11C, VM-20AC, VM-2100, VM-21AC, VM-22AC, VM-23AC, VM-24AC, VM-25AC, VM-26AC, VM-27AC, VM-29, VM-34, VM-35, VM-37, VM-708, VM-709, VP-2100, VP-5430, VP-5440, VP-5441, VP-5442, VP-5450, VP-5451, VP-5452, VP-5740, VP-5741, VP-5742, VP-5744, VP-5747, VP-5748, VP-5750, VP-5751, VP-5756, VP-
  • Condition :New battery (0 Cycle)