Whether it's about a change of battery because the one mounted shows some serious signs of weakness, or in order to improve the autonomy of your APN MAGNAVOX with an extra battery, the digital camera battery that you wish will definitely be in our important battery catalog for APN. With our wide range of MAGNAVOX compatible camera batteries you will surely find the battery compatible with your device. Our batteries are 100% compatible with your digital camera because they have technical specifications completely identical to your original battery.
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Battery CameraMAGNAVOX 1800mAh / 21.60Wh 12 Volts

  • Technology : Ni-MH (Nickel-metal Hydrure)
  • Minimum capacity : 1800mAh / 21.60Wh
  • Compatibility : MAGNAVOX 8292, 8293, 8380, CV5320AV, CVJ310, CVJ312, CVJ320, CVJ322, CVJ340, CVJ350, CVK321, CVK332, CVK342, CVK352, CVL320, CVL325, VR8208AV01, VR8245BK01, VR8292, VR8293, VR8294, VR8294AF, VR8380, VR8382, VR8400, VR8450, VR8451, VR8453, VR8454, VR8455, VR8456, VR8457, VR8471, VR8472, VR8474, VR8475, VR8480
  • Condition :New battery (0 Cycle)