Are you constantly running out of battery when using your JAY-tech digital camera? To meet your needs we offer a deep range of JAY-tech digital camera batteries. These will offer you the possibility to easily change your old battery but you will also be able to have a spare battery for your JAY-tech camera. All our JAY-tech camera batteries have qualities that are exactly the same as the original battery of your camera. An economical and fast solution to stop falling out of battery during your shots.
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Battery CameraJAY-tech 1050mAh / 3.89Wh 3,7 Volts

  • Technology : Li-ion (Lithium Ion)
  • Minimum capacity : 1050mAh / 3.89Wh
  • Compatibility : JAY-tech JayCam DC5890, JayCam DC6000, JayCam DC6025, JayCam DC6C, JayCam DC7000, JayCam DSC5120, JayCam DXC11, JayCam i430, JayCam i5100, JayCam i560, JayCam i6628, JayCam i8280, JayCam i8330, JayCam VS7150, VideoShot DVH1080, VideoShot DVH20, VideoShot DVH22, VideoShot DVH24, VideoShot DVH5330, VideoShot D
  • Condition :New battery (0 Cycle)