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The handling of the battery of your touch pad decreases more and more? Battery life has become a problem for you and your best friend has become a power outlet? On Doctor Batteries, we offer you a very wide choice of replacement batteries for your ZTE touch pad. Replace it immediately to recover the original performance of your ZTE battery.

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Battery media player Microsoft 600mAh/2.22Wh 3,7 Volts

  • Technology : Li-Polymer (Lithium polymère)
  • Minimum capacity : 600mAh/2.22Wh
  • Compatibility : Microsoft Zune 16GB, Zune 4G, Zune 8G, Zune Flash 4GB, Zune Flash 8GB, Zune HSA-00001, Zune HSA-00003, Zune HSA-00005, Zune HSA-00026, Zune HSA-00028, Zune HSA-00029, Zune HVA-00001, Zune HVA-00003, Zune HVA-00005, Zune HVA-00007, Zune HVA-00018, Zune HVA-00020, Zune HVA-00030, Zune N59774, Zune N59777, Zune
  • Condition :New battery (0 Cycle)