Your Jetta computer works fine and completely meets your needs? Finally to a fault close ... The battery of your computer does not hold any more the load? This Jetta battery discharges quickly or even worse it does not work at all? Thanks to the wide selection of cheap computer batteries on, replace your used Jetta battery with a replacement battery.
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Battery laptop Jetta 4400mAh 14,8 Volts

  • Technology : Li-ion (Lithium Ion)
  • Minimum capacity : 4400mAh
  • Compatibility : Jetta Jetbook M2350, Jetbook M2000, Jetbook M2105, Jetbook M2352, Jetbook M6000, Jetbook M6410, Jetbook M6412, Jetbook M6414, Jetbook M6805, Jetbook M6807, Jetbook M6809, Jetbook M6810, Jetbook M6811
  • Condition : New Battery (0 Cycle)