Your Hasee computer has been faithful to you for years, but the performance of its battery is starting to show serious signs of fatigue? It has come time to be forced to let your computer Hasee on the mains socket all day ... We know these concerns at Doctor Batteries. With our extensive line of Hasee computer batteries, give your computer a second wind.
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Battery laptop Hasee 4400mAh 10,8 Volts

  • Technology : Li-ion (Lithium Ion)
  • Minimum capacity : 4400mAh
  • Compatibility : Hasee F205S, F206S, F208, F213E, F213S, F213T, F225R, F225S, F231S, F232S, F233R, F233S, F233T, F235S, F237R, F237S, F420S, F430S, F440S, F520S, F525R, F525S, F530R, F530S, F545R, F550S, F560R, F710R, K42, L208R, L208S, L213R, L430S, Q440, T10
  • Condition : New Battery (0 Cycle)