Your BenQ computer works fine and fully meets your needs? Finally to a fault close ... The battery of your computer does not hold any more the load? This battery BenQ discharges quickly or worse it does not work at all? With our wide range of cheap computer batteries on, change your BenQ battery to no longer work perfectly with a replacement battery.
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Battery laptop BenQ 4400mAh / 48.84Wh 11,1 Volts

  • Technology : Li-ion (Lithium Ion)
  • Minimum capacity : 4400mAh / 48.84Wh
  • Compatibility : BenQ JoyBook A52, JoyBook A52E, JoyBook A53, JoyBook C41, Joybook C41/C41E, JoyBook C41E, JoyBook DHR503, Joybook Q41, JoyBook R42, JoyBook R43, JoyBook R43C, Joybook R43CE-LC01, Joybook R43CE-LC04, JoyBook R43C-LC01, JoyBook R43C-LC03, Joybook R43C-LC04, Joybook R43C-LC15, JoyBook R43E, Joybook R43E-LC0
  • Condition : New Battery (0 Cycle)