The battery on your Siemens phone no longer holds the charge? The autonomy is decreasing day by day and you have to re-charge your Siemens phone several times each day? A hassle that can touch every phone! The battery of a phone has performance that automatically reduce with the days that pass but with Doctor Batteries, say goodbye to all your worries. Instead of always planning your charger with you, you will be able to choose the Siemens phone battery needed to give a second life to your Siemens phone.
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Battery for phones / smartphones Siemens (750mAh / 2.78Wh 3,7 Volts)

  • Technology : Li-ion (Lithium Ion)
  • Minimum capacity : 750mAh / 2.78Wh
  • Compatibility : Siemens A31, A58, AX72, AX75, C65, C65v, C66, C70, C71, C72, C75, C81, CF62, CF62T, CF63, CF65, CF75, CFX65, CFX-65, CT66, CT72, CT75, CTX65, CV65, CV72, CV75, CX65, CX66, CX70, CX70 Emoty, CX75, CXI65, CXI70, CXO65, CXT65, CXT70, CXV65, CXV70, M65, M75, M8, S65, S65V, S66, S75, SK65, SP65, SP65 Emoty
  • Condition : New batterie (0 cycles)