You are looking for a JCB mobile battery because of a concern for autonomy? Rest assured, a large number of mobile users will know this kind of trouble. But replacing its JCB phone battery is a very good thing since you are breathing new life into your JCB mobile. You will find a mobile with autonomy as the first days. That's why Doctor Batteries offers the JCB battery you need. With your new battery compatible for mobile JCB, you will find a battery life identical to the smartphone battery mounted originally.
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Battery for phones / smartphones JCB (1100mAh / 4.07Wh 3,7 Volts)

  • Technology : Li-ion (Lithium Ion)
  • Minimum capacity : 1100mAh / 4.07Wh
  • Compatibility : JCB Sitemaster, Toughphone, Toughphone Sitemaster 2, Toughphone Sitemaster 3G, Toughphone Sitemaster TP802, Toughphone Sitemaster TP803, TP305, TP802, TP803
  • Condition : New batterie (0 cycles)