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Battery for phones / smartphones Apple (1450mAh / 5.37Wh 3,7 Volts)

  • Technology : Li-Polymer (Lithium Polymer)
  • Minimum capacity : 1450mAh / 5.37Wh
  • Compatibility : Apple A1387, A1431, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4S 16GB, iPhone 4S 32GB, iPhone 4S 64GB, MC918LL/A, MC919LL/A, MC920LL/A, MC921LL/A, MD269LL/A, MD276LL/A, MD277LL/A, MD278LL/A, MD279LL/A, MD280LL/A, MD281LL/A, MD377LL/A, MD378LL/A, MD379LL/A, MD380LL/A, MD381LL/A, MD382LL/A
  • Condition : New batterie (0 cycles)
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Battery for phones / smartphones Audioline (1050mAh / 3.89Wh 3,7 Volts)

  • Technology : Li-ion (Lithium Ion)
  • Minimum capacity : 1050mAh / 3.89Wh
  • Compatibility : Audioline Amplicom Powertel M4000, Amplicom PowerTel M5000, Amplicom Powertel M5010, Amplicom PowerTel M5100, Amplicom Powertel M6000
  • Condition : New batterie (0 cycles)